I took a drive into Brooklyn with quite a few photographers on Saturday.  We spent about 5 or 6 hours there starting by the pilings to capture sunset.  We made our way over to the Empire Stores where we finished up the evening but along the way we made a stop in the gardens by the River Cafe capturing all of the beautiful lighting there.  It's really amazing because you forget where you are until you look back through the photos and see the buildings from Manhattan through the trees in certain spots.  From there we walked by Jane's Carousel and stopped along the shore to capture some photos of the Manhattan Bridge and the almost full moon over the Empire Stores.  When you go into the Empire Stores you are able to take an elevator up top to the 5th floor where you are able to capture incredible views of the NYC skyline along with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  Just imagine how this shoreline would have looked back in the late 1800's - here is a link to the Empire Stores website showing some photos from the Brooklyn Historical Society 
Thank you!
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